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Welcome to pansymade♥

Cuteness Kawaii ★★★★☆(4 stars)
Accessories & Fancy goods shop

To make every day fashionable
We will deliver a slightly lovely sweetness♡

Kawaii   ★★★★☆
Cute    ★★★★☆
Sweet    ★★★★☆

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production items, pop up shop schedule, and more♪

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Please don't hesitate to come and visit us!

♥ Pop up shop schedule ♥
「Sanda Branch Picnic」

10/19(Sat.) 10:00-15:00
JR Sanda Station Kippy Square
※※Rainy weather held, stormy weather canceled

Admission free

・JR Takarazuka Line (Fukuchiyama Line) Immediately after leaving Sanda Station South Exit
・Kobe Electric Railway Sanda Line「Sanda Station」Exit the ticket gate to the second floor
・Hankyu Bus「Sanda」or Shinki Bus「Sanda Station」Get off at the second floor

The official facebook of the Sanda Branch Picnic
The official instagram of the Sanda Branch Picnic

「16th MONODUKURI Marche」

10/27(日) 10:00-17:00 (There is the area until ​​19:00)
Kitaoji VIVRE 1F

Admission free

・Subway Karasuma Line「Kitaoji Station」just above
・Kyoto City bus system「Kitaoji Bus Terminal」get off immediately

Detailed access is here

[pansymade shop place] 29

「Kobe University Rokko Festival flea market」

11月9日(Sat.) 10:00-17:00
11月10日(Sun.) 10:00-16:00
Kobe University Rokkodai 1st Campus

Admission free

・Hanshin Electric Railway「Mikage Station」・JR Kobe Line「Rokkomichi Station」・Hankyu Railway「Rokko Station」and get on Kobe City bus 36 system and get off at「Shindai Seimon Mae」